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Head lice?  The Hair Detectives are the experts!

We make your school a lice-free zone.

The Problem

You know how it feels.  Your child comes home with head lice.  You work to solve the problem with chemicals or endless rounds of combing.  You pluck up courage to tell the families of the children with which yours have been in contact.  Phew, problem solved.  A week later, they are back!  The school is hopping with head lice, so no wonder they are back in your home!

The Solution

Get rid of all the head lice in your child's school!

The only way that effective head-lice removal can work, is if it's synchronized with everyone else.  The Hair Detectives can do just that for your child in your child's school.

No chemicals, no shame, just gentle technology and fun entertainment.

Ask your school head to call Nina Clementine at the Hair Detectives. She is a qualified homoeopath with a background in science.  Nina is an authority on head lice, their control and how best to keep them away.

Telephone 020 8815 9236 or email 

In the USA, services such as The Hair Detectives are in great demand. We are now bringing the idea of head lice control to Great Britain with the added benefit of new technology.

Children love the experience; whilst sitting in a comfortable spa-style treatment chair, which prevents discomfort to the neck, they hardly notice the treatment.  The older ones love us for our games consoles on which they lose themselves while we work.  The smaller ones like the books we have, or just enjoy chatting.  We know how to settle and distract the little ones.  The Hair Detectives are all mothers.  We often work two to a head if the little client is impatient!

Our hygiene protocol, designed by a doctor, is rigorous.

Telephone 020 8815 9236 or email

Head lice? Call the experts. The Hair Detectives can get everyone in your school free of head lice. Make your school a lice-free zone. No stress. No chemicals